Controlling sounds

HI everyone,\rI have made a CD containing voice overs in it.I’d divided the sound in many samll parts and called them by attachsound function.Till here everything works fine.\rNow my client wants that i should put a button to play and pause the movie and sound as well.So i tried to implement the same by calculating the no. of seconds from the point the sound instance was initaited, and put this value in to a variable say X. This X plays the roll of the offset value which can be passed to sound.start . Now on the play button i gave a action like s.start(X,0); where s was the name of the sound object.\rI’d thought that the logic will work fine but i m facing a problem that this stop and play butons works fine for the first time but when the movie is stopped and played thereafter, the sound always starts from the point it was stopped in the very first action. Now why does this happens is what i can not get out.I checked the value of X each time the play button is pressed…it comes out to be diferent eachtime, which means sound should start from a different offset value each time , but still the sound plays from the same point…now can anyone help me out pls. Im dam confused and in hurry tooo…\rThanks in adv.\rSonia