Coporate site with intro (still under construction)

I would love any and all feedback on this site im wrapping up for a client. I feel there is something missing on the actual website, maybe a background image? or would that take away from the overall design. im stuck, HELP! anyways here is the link-

cloverlick interactive

PS i also have concerns on the text size and if it is legible

Yes I believe that the information presented is legible and easy to read. My suggestion would be not to add any more background images…right now, there is alot of movement and adding extra images may take the viewers attention away from what you are trying to communicate. There is one thing I was wondering about… but would it be possible to make the man on the left (with the cell phone) as a more realistic and photographic grayscale image?.. right now, it being sploched and done in that painterly effect is just not working for me. Well hope this helps!

thanx for the input, i see what ur talking about concerning the man on the left in the intro. i will make the necassary changes! i was previously concerned about leaving him as a bitmap image (i traced its bitmap to reduce file size) but now think the extra kbs will be worth the clearer picture. thanx again for replying!