Corporate Site

Hey all… this is a project I am just finishing up. Its a corporate website for an importing company, done from the ground up by me… Id love some opinions on it!!


It is nice.

I swear I have seen this before though. Did you post this before?

Yeah… I posted it a while ago while it was still in the works, I added some stuff to it (like the animation in the header, and more)… plus there are a lot of new members here so I was hoping to get some feedback!!

Thanks for the kind remarks!


I thought it was an excellent site… very intuitive, got it’s point across… obvious what they do…

other than the popup (my personal pet peave), I was waiting for something to happen when the site first pops up (before you click on any buttons), like maybe a greeting or instructions… very minor, and nit-picky stuff on my part… :ninja:

and it works well! =)


I like it :slight_smile:

The only downfall is that it is too big for my 800x600 monitor :-\

yeah… they wanted it for larger res screens, as mostly corporate networks are accessing it, and engineers and stuff, people that usually have high res. I think it is still a problem though so I am making another version for 800x600… coming soon.

Rev: thanks for the input… I like the idea about a greating animation of some sort… think I’ll put something together.

Any more comments welcome.


Nice. I didn’t think the spalsh page mathced the site though. Also the little square pattern on the grey bars was quite fuzzy and took away from the cleanness of the site. Add a little sound And it will be a really nice site.:slight_smile:

What would you change on the splah page?

Thanks for the input.


More white. Less orange and black. The majority of color on the site is white but the spalsh page has no white. Just make it fit your site a little better.

… ok, good suggestion!


ADDITIONS: I added rollover sounds for the main menu buttons, also now when you fill out the recommend form and send it a womans voice thanks you for doing so. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:


you should embed the loading screen numeric fonts.

They are… I dont know why they aren’t looking right though, hmmm… something I need to look at again - I’ve embeded and saved and uploaded, and then done it all again and again - but for some reason they never seem to cooporate. Like I said I’ll take a look at it again.

Thanks for the input!!