Creating Flash Jukebox

Does anyone know a site that has a good tuturiol for making a flash jukebox? If your not sure what I mean take a look at Insound Radio (upper right hand corner on the page). If anyone can help out I would appreciate it.

If you have the audio files, then import them into flash mx. The have a main movie and call all these other flash movies with audio files in it. I am pretty sure thats how they have done it.

Im not sure if they are importing swf files or using sound object to import mp3 file. Either way I guess what I need help on is setting up the array that would be needed for the previous / next buttons…I have something setup that imports swf files but still needs alot of fine tuning. Heres what I have done so far: DOWNLOAD

Things I still need ot figure out:

  1. Previous / Next buttons do not make a smooth transition. Play around with them and you will notice if you try going back to previous song while in middle of curent song you have to click previous button twice – once to go back to beginning of previous song and then agian to advance to previous song. Not sure how to fix this.

  2. Do not know how to make it advance to next song automatically with out having to select next button…In other words when you hit play button it will start to play 1st song and then t the end of song 1 start song1 over agian.

Thanks for any help!

You can have the files song1, song2 etc., in an array and call them using the previous and next button. You need to unload the previous swf file before you load the new one.

As for your second thing, you can have a script at the end of the song ie., the last frame asking to unload this movie and load the next one automatically (I guess!!)

Hope this helps!