Creating The php Email form (help a noob)

Ok… im totally noob t php and not that great with flash… I went through the turtorial on creating the email form and did everything and it didn’t work. click the send and it does nothing…

Im hosting on i pay for an account. It says it has GCI , php and some phpMyAdmin and MySQL… Im totally unfimiliar with this stuff… and it seems like there is alot of extra stuff i don’t want on this server… I just want to creat a simple email form with a small .php file… Do i need anything else besides the simple .php file in the turtorial? it says all scripts must go in the CGI directory for freeservers… but i tried that and changed the adresses inside the flash code and what not and it still didn’t work…

Im thinking of mabye getting a different host… im paying like $15 a month now for this stuff

[font=Arial][color=#000099]> 1000 MB Web Space
> 20 GB Bandwidth
> 500 MB File Size
> CGI, PHP, Perl and MySQL
> 8 Stats/Reports
> E-mail/Phone Support
> Inexpensive Expert Consulting
> FTP Access
> 500 POP/Webmail Accounts[/color][/font]

Anyone know of something better… with mabye easier to use php capabilities or something? remember im totally noob to this php cgi n scripting stuff… just learning… but freeservers has been kinda slow and the ftp seem a bit unstable…

Ugh thats alot of info but i need some help and this place seemed like it might be a good place to ask.

a confused musician…

Mike B.