Critique this thing Im working on

Hi Guys,

I’m busy scraping my portfolio together and, as I’m still developing the site, now might be a good time to get some opinions.

I know it’s slow right now, I’m working on a better solution. But it runs, so in the meantime you might want to use IE to view the page as Flash movies run a lot faster in IE. If it runs O.K. on your not-so-monster PC please let me know!
I need to add a sound control and tooltips too, so yeah I know. :slight_smile: Also some of the links don’t work, but it’s coming.

I’d especially like some alternate ideas on the four navigation elements at the bottom-left, they’re kinda bugging me because I want to try and keep the screen as clean as possible. I was initially going to use a right click to navigate to those sections, but decided not to.

Anyway here’s the link: Daniel Todd’s Portfolio

Fire away! :thumb: