Cyrstals/Spikes in Photoshop!

Ok, I have seen some tutorials on like spikes and crystals and I really want to make some really good ones becuase those I have seen arent that great and some really good ones were for like older version… I dont have a 3d program like 3d studio max so if someone can make me a tutorial on making crystals and/or spikes for just photoshop 6/7 that would be awsome thanks for your time in advanced…

P.S - If you cant make a tutorial for me can you point me to a tutorial for them…?

They have a 3D Studio Max tutorial section and also a section for Photoshop which tells you many things like how to make 3D spikes without 3D Studio Max!

Man this is the site I’ve always been looking for! Thanks.

pom :asian:

I have seen that spike/crystal tutorial already and it doesnt really work really well does anyone have any other kinds… and dude dont spam…

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The 3d Spike Tutorial worked pretty good for me. Just a tip, when it tells you to copy and paste your lens-flare into an 800x800 px image, don’t do it, instead, go to Image/Image Size (NOT Canvas Size!) and check Contrain Proportions and change it to 800x800 px. it will make your lens flare bigger, giving you more of the effect they use in the tutorial. Then just continue as written.

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