This is my version 3 to DANSFLASH2001 (no crap). Yes this is my site, and I have only had a 1/2 year experence with Flash (self taught, thank you very much). I need some feedback on my site! Keep in mind that when I make a flash site, it is never done, I always have to tweek something here, or tune something there. I am thinking of going into the business in the summertime, and I also wanted to know if anyone (in addition to feedback) has an idea of how much I should charge for my flash websites. Thanks a bunch!

Almost forgot my url! - dansflash2001.tripod.com

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

I have the song and love it )
but to the point
your site was very nice but i clicked on the game nottin happened. and to load took a lil while. and i clicked on dans bmx and it froze had to reboot explorer. i dunno maybe on my end

but besides that very good well thought out website. like the 3d!

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creator of farnova.com

That thing where you make the clip rotate and fade in the link section is very cool ! How did you do that ?

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I faked the depth by making the links go higher, smaller, and more faded. The cubes are a movie clip that goto different layers when it is needed to overlap something else. I think that is the best way that I can describe it…Do you get it?

:slight_smile: I love my site!

Yep. Very nice. Couldn’t do it though :smiley:

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Nice site, quick! Lots of promise.

Did you make the cubes in Swift?

Good job!