This is a kick butt flash site!

I am 13, and I have made this creation!! A site all made in flash! No one visited it in the cool sites, so I put a link here too :slight_smile: ! I made this only with circles and lines, no swift 3d!! Oh, yea, post some feedback while you are at it!

PS: Cloud Domain is under construction :slight_smile:

PPS: The url:

(edited to fix your url. :slight_smile: )

Thanks upuaut8!

Hey Dan,
There’s a problem in your site. If you roll over the building while they come out of the ground, the movie goes crazy… Great site otherwise.

pom 0]

Yea, I know, I have to fix that little bug thingy…

just take the code out of the button until you get to a point where all the buildnigs are up and then make a keyframe and put all the codes back in.

oh yea…

-Dan :expressionless: