Dave Werner - www.okaydave.com

Not really a website persay, and I don’t normally put sites up that aren’t really a whole site… but I thought it was really cool promo piece. Props on the composition and the parody, pretty unique IMO. For those of you that don’t know the song it’s Kanye West - Heard Em Say, and you may not get it if you don’t know some design lingo… or haven’t heard the original song.


I just saw this website now and I must say it was great. I liked it for the interactivity especially exploring and explaining the work that he has done. Even the small things like the Kennedy Center redesign where he showed the paper scribbles of what font is used, etc. Many people think that successfuly designers use some sort of high level branding system but it’s just pencil and paper.

Really great!

I love the URL hehe…okayyyyy Dave.

I went through the whole site. I love every idea, out of the box is the way to live in my book.

Wonderful site! Inspiring!

Just too cool to handle :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is it getting quite old see’ing generic Adobe after effects eye candy? Impressive site otherwise.

^ yep just you :lol:

thats “quite bold” of you. Regardless of what you think of his site… you cannot deny his ability.

It’s not just about the after effects man… if you can see beyond it…

I think his strong point is undoubtedly marketing, and scoping. He’d be an excellent creative director/design marketer/accounts manager.

One of the most interesting sites posted for a while IMO.

For me the most interesting aspect is his drawing ability. Going through the site it was clear that learning the skills to build say a website/logotype was very much secondary to genuine creative processes like drawing. That is what will really impress a prospective employer IMO.

He clearly has the ability to apply himself to different medium and so given time to gain different skill sets can probably do whatever he wants, although I would stop short of product design at the moment!

It will be interesting to see what he delivers when tackling a real life commercial brief. But congratulations Dave!

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. I recently accepted a job with Frog Design in New York. It seems like the best personal fit and will hopefully be the first step towards a long, challenging professional life.

Sweet! The guy who runs www.gotoandlearn.com said something about getting a job there recently as well, looks like they’re wrangling some top guys.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Wow that was truly a blast I havent just sat and clicked through a site in a long time. One thing i think Dave does that is so great is he makes everything about his site compelling. Even the portfolio reels are put together so well I want to watch the next one just to see what kind of music and effects he threw together. Excellent job A+.

Is it just me or is it getting quite old see’ing generic Adobe after effects eye candy? Impressive site otherwise.

Thats probably one of the most ignorant quotes I have heard in a while. Do you get sick of the CG quality of pixar movies cause they are used again and again. You say it like producing that kind of effect is easy in AE. Just like any program only people that are truly skilled with it can achieve that kind of quality.

Daves website has a lot of music that im sure is not licensed is that okay to do since these are just fictional projects or would you have to get a licence if your were using that music no matter what??

Parody’s are protected under the fair use law… you can read about it here :wink:

simp your a good man.

I think what he said was fair, and in context - and certainly without unnecessary malice.