DC Sniper Shootings

Well as the Justice System sloooooowly crawls along, things are starting to happen. In fact on CNN today there is a story about the 18 year old boy who was involved in the whole thing. If you want to read something that will make your skin crawl - check this out


Just terrible. How can anyone have so much disregard for human life…? I just don’t understand.

ppl are mad!

yea its pretty crazy. but they just try to csare you. we had lockdowns every day of the week whn it happened

They both better get the death penalty or life!

theyll never let them go, so youre pretty assured in that.

yah I dont think either of these two will see what life is like on the other side of the barbed wire fence ever again, well at least the father anyway.

It sounds to me like that kid is going to get a light sentence due to a bone headed move by the police - I really hope that’s not the case. Any one with that much hate or whatever it is going on in their heads need to go away and never been seen again.

Its kinda weird. But the 18 yr old said, I dont care if i die, go ahead kill me. Or something like that. These people are just mental.

I dont know if you guys play Counter-Strike I love sniper but I dont know I think these who play these games get sometimes crazy like him LOL

but I think he is different !

But I must say shooting cocacola botals is better than killing a Humen and Animals life for nothing…

I would not have second thoughts about pulling the trigger to end either of them. They disgust me… esp when the 18yr old laughed about the fact that one of his bullets wizzed by a todlers head and thought it was a bee. I’m not a violent person, but I do have limits, and these guys crossed them - point made.


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**theyll never let them go, so youre pretty assured in that. **

Oh that’s right, you live in D.C. too… I forgot.