DC Sniper

Im Saddened, yet outraged that a person who thinks they are smarter or have the upper hand can randomly kill people for no reason except for a sick diabolical thrills! He will make a mistake, everyone does, but i hope they catch him soon, im watching news on the latest events and it saddens me.

We got to get this bastage!

I wish everyone good health to anyone who lives around the DC area. My consolances to those who have lost family because of this tragety; My Prayers go to you.

  • Raydred

The really sad thing are the death’s that have occured… It will sadden people even more when they do find this creep and discover that he’s a moron.

This freak is a simple minded exhortionist and nothing more.

oh how I long for the days of stocks and cannings. Not that justice was always served properly back then, but the punishment forced the guilty party to face the society which he preyed upon, and allowed that society to further punish and humiliate him each and every day of his miserable life.

I know I know I said I wasn’t going to speculate. . shoot me. (that’s meant as one of those things that people say, not as an offcolor joke)

i’ve had the same thought about some other criminals. who needs the death sentence? just clear all charges and announce very publicly the exact time and location of their release.

My father (and I’m sure a bunch of other people) said that if they ever catch Osama bin Laden alive, they shouldn’t sentence him, just let him loose in the middle of NYC. I think that would send a message to all of the criminals and terrorists in the world…

I think in some cases crual and unusal punishment should be aloud. Actual I think that unusal punishment should always be aloud. No one would do a crime not knowing what unusal punishment they might face. You know back when they cut your hand off for being a thief or had public humiliation or some kind of worse punishment people where scared to commit crimes for fear of the punishment. No people don’t care. I don’t think prison scares some people enough. I don’t know about you guys but getting ass raped and beaten ever night isn’t my cup of tea.

What the hell is wrong with some people these days.

The thing that really worries me is what if this guy just quits. If he stops know they might never cath him and these poor families will be stuck with know closer, always wondering why. How cruel. :frowning:

a bit off topic, but i was listening to a radio show on the death penalty and supreme court the other day. there is this case of a guy who was a minor when he committed the crime. his case got shot down 13 years ago, but he’s trying to bring it back.
one of his arguments now is that his case has been going on so long, and he’s been sitting on death row so long, that it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. the court threw that one out saying that it was his own fault, he could have avoided the cruel and unusual punishment by accepting his death penalty when it was handed down! talk about no sympathy!

incidentally, i didn’t know that the US is one of only four contries in the entire world that it is legal to execute minors. and of the executions of minors in the world over the last (i forget the exact time period), over half were in the US.

of course that doesn’t count dictatorships like iraq where people just suddenly go “missing”, or get arrested and are never heard from again.