review PLZ

please let me know of any problems, ideas, issues, blah blah… of my site…
it is an all flash site using XML, Flash remoting and SQL Server to deliver data… all graphics were created by me using Photoshop, Bryce and/or Poser.

any critique helps
and thank you all in advance

Hi JdRasta

Technically, I think you have a problem with your preloader, the second preloader (if I’m not mistaken, appears after 50%, the Respect’s preloader appears after 70%.

About the design, I kinda feel that the pattern (background) doesnt fit with the web.

I think that’s it, other that that, the web looks nice, the scenery looks cool too.

Hi, really you site is very nice, the interfaz is good, they transmit good ambient, i like that.

Maybe you if you can the font, for pixels fonts, the site could have better image, the (i dont remember the word) mmmm, sweep metallic have a little pixeleate, you could change.

i like your site, really is nice, very quiet, good message.


350z… yeah I need to fix that… it is due to linkage and “export on first frame”… i have components that export on first frame and some are larger than others.
but… ish like that is what I need to know… that is the first I have heard of this ( on many site checks ) … now I now what needs to be better…
=) thanks

Your site is good and makes great use of Flash and its facilities to communicate with external servers. I especially like your news panel, very nice. The only thing about your site I didn’t like was your pre-loaders, not only did they appear when they were on about 60 - 70% the loadbar looked hidious (the progress bar) why didn’t you make it a plain colour or linear etc…