Debugging help

for some reason, my action script isnt working with scroll panes. I create a scroll pane, assign it instance name scrollPane, and on the next frame, I have a frame action saying this.ScrollPane.loadScrollContent(; (I use this because it is inside a movie clip which is placed in a movie which is placed on the main stage). is a string with the file I want to load. The problem isnt with, I tried replacing it with the actual file name. Any help appreciated. I can’t post my fla, its too big, but I would be very willing to email it (500k or so). Thanks

The fact that the layer is masked shouldn’t make a difference right?

Ok I took out the mask layer and now it works. Any explanation why?? Also, now it loads the new movie way off to the side and it doesnt refresh the scroll bars. I tried refreshPane(); but it didnt do anything. Please help!