Dell is Stupid!

OK, so i ordered a laptop b4 the holidays and it was suuposed to overnight ship to idaho right after they finished building it. well, the next day, i called them and changed the address to new jersey since i cancelled my vacation to idaho. they assured me the addy was changed. they even called me yesterday to confirm the shipment, and said that they were sending it to the NJ addy and that it woudl be here today.
well. i get notice that it was delivered to idaho. IDAHO. so… now i dont have the computer. FURTHERMORE, it’s my boyfriend’s family’s house that it was shipped to. well, everyone in the house is away on a ski trip so no one is there to ship me the laptop.
i’m on the phone with dell right now… lets see what they do about it.
i love being screwed, i really do…
more news to come soon.