Dell is Stupid!

OK, so i ordered a laptop b4 the holidays and it was suuposed to overnight ship to idaho right after they finished building it. well, the next day, i called them and changed the address to new jersey since i cancelled my vacation to idaho. they assured me the addy was changed. they even called me yesterday to confirm the shipment, and said that they were sending it to the NJ addy and that it woudl be here today.
well. i get notice that it was delivered to idaho. IDAHO. so… now i dont have the computer. FURTHERMORE, it’s my boyfriend’s family’s house that it was shipped to. well, everyone in the house is away on a ski trip so no one is there to ship me the laptop.
i’m on the phone with dell right now… lets see what they do about it.
i love being screwed, i really do…
more news to come soon.

Damm red,
All you got to do , is show 'em who’s boss… go to the Dell Headquarters and pick a fight with the boss, or the dell kid.

5 to 1 on Golgi…
Today The RedGolgi team vs. Dell’s Knees Tech!

keep us updated!

The dell kid got fired because he got busted buying weed…

he was about to sign a $500,000 contract just to agree to do another 8 commercials, which he would have gotten paid for each, plus residuals…

now they won’t even run the old “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” ad again… ever…


lameoid… you are rich, send someone else out to get your smoke…


No no you see dell is very very smart, they get people to buy their stuff, takes a genius to sell whacked computers to the intelligent computer buying public…no wait, my grandma bought a dell. Nevermind scratch that, I’ll help you kill them if you want. I’ve got the sticks and rocks ready to go, just give me a time.

Lol, unfortunately I own a Dell too. They’re so pathetic, most of their customer support lines are in India or some cheap foreign country, when you call them, their English is so heavyly accented, it’s hard to understand what the hell is going on and you’re embarrased to ask them to repeat what they just said every five words.

Bastards, but anyways, now we’re being brainwashed by the ‘Dell Interns’.


I hated dealing with Dell. I had a small video driver problem before and when I called them up, they made me do 30 things that made the problem WORSE. It wasn’t until I said to hell with it, hung up the phone, and fixed the thing myself that anything got solved.

The computers aren’t that bad. It’s cheap, can’t ask for much more from them. They’re just a pain in the balls to try and deal with - ESPECIALLY with tech support

Correction, their computers aren’t cheap. They overprice them, if you build one from scratch yourself, you can definitely get a better deal, with the same amount of headache.

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**Correction, their computers aren’t cheap. They overprice them, if you build one from scratch yourself, you can definitely get a better deal, with the same amount of headache. **

Dell’s computers require upgrades, and after you upgrade them to standard it costs tons of money. They make some weird start-off price, ad then after you upgrade you loose all your money.

They’re meant for the grandparents from what I see.

Dell is a great company.

The Idaho situation seems like a logistics thing. The address could have been changed, but if the shipping database wasn’t updated…I mean sounds like fault falls on both ends.

We use them at work, use them at home- they have always been great in all aspects.

And they even respond nicely when you tell them that you work in the field and have already tried that idea…

Parts are shipped overnight.

Great service.

The only thing I will grant is that you don’t want to buy the slim tower models because of cooling/air flow issues.

Other than that… they get an A+.

Hi Granny!


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**Hi Granny!

:thumb: **


I couldn’t get my laptop, with the specs I have, for anything less than I got from Dell … sure I upgraded - later on from Crucial, my memory - and it cost me a bit more, but I searched for a LONG time for the price I got from Dell, and got lucky with the DVD and memory upgrade.

I agree, making your own desktop from scratch is the way to go, but I’d like to see you build your own laptop from nothing :slight_smile:

I don’t own a Dell, but I know people who do, and my high school used them for all their computer courses (except animation, where they used iMacs), so from experience using them, and from friends having them, I hear Dell is a pretty good company over all.

But of course theres always those situations (like this Idaho one) that just HAVE to happen to you. I would be mighty urked by this situation as well if I were you Gina, but don’t let one error turn your head against a company :wink: (not saying you are/do, just saying in general). If you get your laptop and it sucks, then go to the Dell HQ and rampage them, bashing each of their heads in with your laptop (fun stuff).

That’s the good and bad thing about Dell: they ship out really fast, usually the same day if they can make it, but also if you make any drastic changes (such as Gina’s situation), you’re SOL.

Me, I love Dell. 24-7 customer service, super fast shipping on most of their items, great machines.

I currently have 2 Dells.

One Laptop for my HLP, and a desktop for moi… Both are flawless… then again, I have formatted and installed W2k, so all of Dell’s ‘apps’ are gone…

But I have no problem suggesting Dell to clients whom are in the market, and don’t have a lot of knowledge on their side…


Same with HP…

Except these sh*t boxes run on poi!

Dammit :smiley:

i agree with you badmagick, for laptops i was between toshiba and dell, but i chose dell since they were the absolute best deal for what i needed (i got an uber gaming/high end graphics machine for work/play). if i was to go uber UBER, i would have gone with the orgasmic toshiba models, but my wallet didn’t permit that this time around. anywhoo… i have bought like 4 computers from dell in the last 3 years and i am perfectly happy with thier stuff, but as for me, i agree with the people who said to build your own for desktops, that is by far the cheapest and BEST way to go IMO. you get more for your money, and you don’t get all the crap that you don’t want either. lucky for my my boyfriend is a certified hardware genious, so he can advise me in all that stuff since hardware just isn’t my thing (yet).

also, matr0sity, i TOTALLY agree about the tech support people… here’s my thing…


i swear, i JUST got off the phone. this lady… look, she was nice, i’m not trying to knock her. and you could tell she was embarrassed about her lack of ability to communicate with me. not only that but she didn’t know squat, so i know she was feelin blue, so i was nice to her. but REALLY…

not only did she hardly speak english, she didn’t understand half of what i said. i had to talk slow and use simple words and be totally explicit and say stuff over like 8 times b4 she understood me. (for example, i had to explain the situation at least 14 times). and ask sam, or anyone on here who has talked to me or knows me, i talk VERY clearly esPECIALLY when on a business call. so it’s NOT me.

anyway, here’s whats going on now. after talkign with her for an hour at least, she makes me explain 14 times the situation, puts me on hold for another cumulative hour, and has me confirm the addresses like 18 times. THEN she tells me that they can’t ship it to my house. i ask why not. she says she doesn’t know, but they aren’t allowed to ship to my house. then i tell her WHY NOT, and i have never had any problems b4, and they have delivered 3 computers here b4, two within the last 6 months, so there should be no problem. after holding for a bit more, she comes back and tells me that my address doesnt exist. then i tell her that it DOES exist, since, in fact, i LIVE here, and am talking to her, at that very moment FROM that address. at this point she gets on the phone with a superior. we go back and forth and finally Dell establishes that yes, i do in fact live at a real live existing address, and they can ship to me. it goes on an on, but i’ll make the next part simple. my boyfriend is in the mountains with his family on a ski trip, so there is no one at the house. fed ex cant pick up the package without having some1 there. so i need to call my bf and ask him to call his neighbor and see if they can be there to give fedex the package at a specific time. WELL, the lady doesnt understand the concept. i have to explain 5 times. there is no one at the house, and i can’t get a confirmation of when some1 can be there until tonight after they are already closed, so i tell her i can call back tomorrow to set up the time. she puts me on hold. she comes back and has fedex on the line and tells me to schedual a pickup time. i tell her again, twice that i can’t do that at this point. fedex hangs up, and i figure, im outta here. at this point, i notice my newley hooked up internet connection (newly, like, today, just got the sattellite/router working liek 3 hours ago) all of a sudden stops working. so i tell her i must go. i get off the phone. then i call directWay, my isp. im on the phone with them. thankfully this man was competant and we smoothed out the problem.

add this whole thing to about 2 hours earlier on the phone with directway trying to troubleshoot the FIRST time around, and i am about ready to cry. then my parents come home and my mom starts getting an attitude with me and yelling, because i am so stressed, and about ready to break stuff, and she tries to talk to me and i CALMLY tell her to please leave me alone at the moment, i am about ready to burst inside and i need to be alone. so of course she yells at me. then i called up my friend to see if he wanted to go to a bar and get trashed after work and he starts giving me shat saying ‘i told you so’. so i ask him what the heck he’s talkign about and he says ‘all this woulda been avoided if you just moved in with me instead of your parents last week’. i go on to reiterate the reasons i gave himt he FIRST time around, and he’s beign a pain in the arse, so i hang up and now i have no stress releif except for this kirupa rant. so if you have read thus far, THANK YOU for letting me rant so much. it’s much needed.

anyone in NJ wanna go get a beer? or 24 beers? hehe

Aha… oh. yeah…

Here take a hit of this fine pocololo and chill out… :crazy:

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**then again, I have formatted and installed W2k, so all of Dell’s ‘apps’ are gone…

yes!!! a man after my own heart. every new puter i get gets formatted, clean winstalls, and then i tweak the crap outta windblows.