Design Schools - has anyone been there?

Have some of you have been through design schools (whether they be 3d/2d, flash, photoshop or just web ) ?
Are there any ‘worthy’ schools in North America or Europe ?
What are the requirements for such schools ?

I went to a “Quick and Dirty” design for the web school, in Walnut Creek, CA, but any City College in America would prob give the same result.

A lot of it is how hard you work while you are there. I spent an average of 4-5 hours a day doing additional projects, etc. after I got out of 7 hours of class each day. This put me a ton ahead of all others who were just out to get the grade.

That said, a good school may get you in the door, when a good portfolio won’t even get a glance… I found this when I went to Chef’s school. I got interviews when guys with tons of experience didn’t even get their resume read…

how about that for a waffle?


trouble is i currently live in france but may be liable to study abroad being in an international school; and i just dont have time to go on spot and search for school - all i can do is websearch schools…
Is there a specific degree to gain in design ? (Like Master of / Bachelor or even Ingenneering degree ? )

2 years would get you an Associates Degree, 4 years gets you a Bachelors degree. There are a ton of diff degrees in the Fine Arts…

One of the best schools in San Francisco, is the Academy of Art…

Get out the $$$$$$$$$$… but it is said to be one of the best around (I have never met anyone who has graduated tho. I’ve met a lot of kids attending…)

I may not be the best one to answer this…


I’m currently attending one right now and it wasn’t what I expected. Most of the stuff I’ve learned so far, I’ve already had knowledge of so I feel like I’m the teacher most of the time.

I will graduated this month, but I’m continuing my education at the Art Institute and hopefully that will be more challanging.

Rev is right, these schools are expensive, I’ll be paying off my student loan in about 9827340873407384 yrs or so. :-\

and what school are you in ?

  • maybe you should teach !!!

I’m attending Westwood College, it’s one of those trade schools which is mainly hype. :-\

As for me teaching, I doubt I’ll be a good teacher, I’ll probably end up hitting my students. :-\

I have been to 2 of these Desing schools. Nithere one where worth the money i paid for them. I learned more form online tuts then i did at the schools. In ther end it is your call but i found most of them sucked. If i could do ti over again i would go to University and get a degree.

im soorry im not to familiar w/ the US system - a degree in what ?
i’d love to go to a US uni but god they are expensive - and it’s tough for a foreigner such as i to get scholarships

I’ve never gone to a design school or studied art… well scratch that… I did take a two digital imaging classes that were so basic that I passed the class while sleeping (the class covered interesting topics such as “how to open a file in photoshop” etc). But that’s pretty much it!

Maybe I’ll go someday…