|Desktop Images|

Please post links to images of your desktops. I’ll start with mine.


Hey vt, is that Win2k you’re using?
Looks nice! Evangelion pics?
But tell me, what are those icons in your task bar after win media playa (except flash and PS, which i know)? just wondering what apps you use… is that a winmap-macOSx-skin? funny…Where and why do you wanna see these?
c ya

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im using Mac OS. Umm the characters in my wallpaper i drew in flash this morning. Umm in my taskbar i have the aquabluish icon with an M, tahts my Mixwaver game. Netz zero icon. the 3dcube is 3dsmax4. the dog is a banner killer for netzero. and im just curious :slight_smile:

Hey VTs31,
If you or anyone else on this board wants to create some cool wallpaper, I can put it up on my site for people all around the world to display and download! Send me the wall paper by e-mail, etc. and I’ll make it a link available for download. You (the designer) will be given credit for them, and you can send as many as you want :slight_smile:


u mean like Kirupa wallpapers or random wallpapers. cause both are a good idea. hehehe maybe something like the FK gallery eh?

thats a tyte ass background!..i cant wait till i get my mouse-pen thingy :P…lol

mine are basically all made from a litestep file i had once… and the rest are from doodle… if u dont knwo who doodle is u need to crawl out from your rock. =] and i could easily make so phat graphics… but i am still learning graphic design… and i try soo hard to achieve that “clean-professional” look… its hard sh1t.

Here are my wallpaper fro you Kirupa. Oh DO NOT CLICK LINKS. please copy and paste the Url. :slight_smile: tripod is dumb and im poor.



Hey kirupa. im working on a wallpaper for you. this is really rough and not even like 60% complete but… here it is vts330.tripod.com/robot.swf IF LINK DOESNT WORK: please copy and paste URL

the bottom layer of the lettering is too dark… clashes… or mkae it closer… otherwise… phat as$ robot man… u got a pen mouse? i am lookin into one of those for art… might be kewl… help out alot in flash… nice drawing bro… u should check out some schools in a year or so and go for graphic design and web engineering… you could have a prosperous future and you know if u hit a bind kirupa is always willing to help as are the rest of us.

Thanx :slight_smile: hehe.

Hi, heres my evangelion wallpaper, unfortunately i cant draw. so i used eva (my fav anime).

Throw me any comments, critizism, or anything u feel like saying about my wallpaper. i wont be offended.



my 2 backgrounds


this is my new desktop layout. i made the wallpaper this morning