Did you visit this site


here is my little site www.cmxd.com, must check it and let me know your comments. Due to my studies and professional work cannot give time and complete it after trying many times so by doing bit and bit i have published few pages. I’ll be happy to know comments from you. Thanks

The site did not load for me.

Somehow a comma got in the URL, I removed it, the link in the post should work now.

I notice that your Flash Version is not yet up (and there isn’t much on your HTML version either). You can not apply for the Site of the Week award with an HTML site. Sorry. I am moving this thread to the Site Check forum where I believe you may have meant to put it.

I would get rid of the clock that follows the mouse cursor. I’ve seen it on about 30 differnt sites and it looks tacky. Nice 3D logo I hope to see it incorporated into you FLash site.