N00bie site...Comments?

Well i made this site for my CS clan, and i would like any comments on the site, not including the tiny amount of material i have…(i am quite aware of this, there are only 3 buttons at the moment)-- But also keep in mind that i have had flash for 4 weeks at the most, so be kind. :slight_smile:

hahaha, i pushed submit before i even put the site in…i feel like a jackass http://www.nerd-clan.tk/ w00t

not bad, looks nice

only thing that i personally dont like is the speed of the mouse. the icon kinda goes slow.

otherwise, looks good

Yeah i just put that cursor in a day or two ago, and immediately noticed the speed. If i cant fix it i will take it out…but you got any idea how to fix something like that?

Hey that’s amazing for 4 weeks. Of course, there are 1000 things that you can improve, but it’s a nice start. Keep it up!

pom :asian:

Concerning that cursom thing, there’s a tute on this site with the same king of graphic. Running smoothe.

Well i fixed the cursor, it was just the stupid fps…booted it to 24 and now it runs pretty nicely. Of course everything else goes kinda fast but, im too lazy to care. :slight_smile:

yes, the cursor is nice…

( my cs site )