Disney's impact on youth

I watched Finding Nemo yesterday and was blown away by the animation. Pixar is producing amazing work. However the story and moral message of the film was lacking and I found it in line with all Disney’s other films.

For years Disney has been producing family oriented stories about the little kid finding his way in the big world, or the young girl finding her “prince charming” The morals are forced upon the audience and after a while we just accept them and think this is how things really are. Do they really care about young children? or do they just pander to the parents to sell movies and DVD’s. Allowing parents can plop their kids in front of the TV for hours and not have to teach their children about the real world issues.

There are so many things morally wrong with many of their classic films:

Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, Pochohontas.

can you give some specifics about what you’re talking about?

i don’t think it’s that Disney is purposely trying to decieve little children, but rather inspire their imaginations and try to get them to have an optimistic view on life. How depressing would it be for a 4 year old to see the beast killed because he’s “different”? I think they teach good moral values, whether or not they will stand up in the real world is irrelevant. It’s a nice change from all of the violence and sex and scandals and crimes in the media.

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Allowing parents can plop their kids in front of the TV for hours and not have to teach their children about the real world issues.

Their movies are entertaining - not educational. Also, kids would probably like something that ends on a happy note with nobody dying (except the witch, etc.) Parents can’t use a movie as a way of raising their kids.

I enjoy disney movies :-/ Esspecially toy story. That was my favorite :smiley:

I think Disney movies allow for an easy way to teach children the farie tails that parents used to tell their children. Parents don’t really tell their children stories anymore so we have to teach them fairy tails through other methods which has become television. You take away disney movies from this world and we would really look like more like a bunch of dopes then we already do since all of our movies are full of violence and naked women.

I have no problem with disney movies. I have problems with the other movies that we let our children watch.

I would imagine it’s pretty hard to write a script that has a good moral message that’s not over the heads of the kiddies while at the same time not being too cheesy or overly sentimental for the adults.

I can see your point a bit about some of the movies maybe having the effect of teaching little girls that the ultimate goal in life is to catch your Prince Charming, but hey, they’re love stories, what do you expect from a love story? At least they also have the effect of promoting monogamy as opposed to some free love sort of agenda.

It’s an interesting topic, though. I’d be curious to hear some more examples of the things you find morally wrong with these films, Tiger.

personaly i think disney animations are great for kids, i don’t find anything immoral with either of the films you mentioned.

i do think that disney world is a disgrace, i mean come on, soda’s are like $4.25, etc. how is a middle class family supposed to take their kids and themselves to a place where everything is jacked up 3 bucks.

interesting topic though

Its not nice to make kids think that the world is a fairy tale fantasy… it just sets them up for dissapointment later…

Many movies and television programs are bad for your children… I think that Disney would be the least of your worries…

I’ve watched a lot of disney’s movies when i was a child, but, fortunately, i’m growed up and now i have built a personal opinion about the things of the world. I don’t think that disney has never affect anyone life or opinion about social isue or something…

Saying that disney’s movies have a bad impact on youth is like to say that teddy bear could be a terrorist… is out of discussion…

If you’re looking for movies and tv shows to teach kids about real world issues, you’re crazy. Kids who watch Disney movies and all (aside from myself - I love Disney stuff) are still too young to realize many things. You can’t start teaching kids about the world when they’re 3 years old.

Let them watch visually appealing stories like The Lion King, Finding Nemo, or Brother Bear. It might strike their imagination, might inspire kids to become artists or get into computer graphics. Just the settings of the movies are well enough I think. It could make them want to learn more about Africa, or the ocean, or just nature in general.

Disney movies aren’t really made to teach kids about anything - they’re intended to inspire. Intended to make kids think, and be curious about their surroundings.

I’m 19, and I watch them all still because they’re fun entertainment. Not because there’s a deeper meaning to everything. Why must we over-analyze everything?

Was Walt a Mysogynist? Hater of Mommies?

from what i know he was not a nice man at all , and had severe relationship problems all his life…

His films though well you cant really say they are bad, they are harmless kids movies and some of the only decent stuff which gets made for kids nowadays, their aggressive marketing is a bit distasteful but hey they are only in it for the money anyway right :thumb:

Disney is so good at being good that it manifests evil; so uniformly efficient and courteous, so dependably clean and conscientious, so unfailingly entertaining that it’s unreal, and an agent of pure wickedness.