Do you know what is prepress knowledge?

do you know what is prepress knowledge ? I see this all the time in Job Search ads.

everything needed to get a (printable) document ready to be printed: layour, rough, drawing, quark xpress, illustrator, photoshop…i think.

Print experience is a big plus to design shops. Most of us cannot find work exactly because we dont have that end of the design experience.

I would have to say that “prepress knowledge” is really knowing more about what it takes to get something to print correctly; not just knowing applications.

Depending upon the printing (process, flexographic, screen printing), you have to know how things work in order to correctly tweak it the way you need to.

For example, in screen printing, if I wanted to print blue letters on a black shirt, I would need to first lay down white and then the blue so it would show up. Little things like that (also, especially learning how imagesetters (for negatives or positives) handle files).

A better analogy for you guys might be like having knowledge of Explorer’s and Navigator’s differences and what their limitations are.