Doe anyone have a borderless window script?

I really need it for my up coming website.:-\

Yeah, i should have some js-files laying somewhere at home…
im in school right now so i cant quite get it herefrom but ill help ya when i get home, np

oh, btw, the files im talkin about gives the result which ive been using in (dont mind the annoying intro-gif, i was a newbie when i did the site :confused: ) The scriptcodes may be atlered pretty much to fit your site pretty much exactly

Hi, man, sorry for the delay. Have had it up to my ass with school work…anyway, the JavaScript function youre supposed to be calling is called oppna (thus: < a href=# onclick=“oppna(); return false;” >)

And youll need to include these three js-files:


FYI: This is just some info to let you know something. As of the release of IE6 SP1 Chromeless windows are no longer supported. IE6 SP1 launches a full screen window instead of a chromeless window, and if you get the patch from (makers of the script), this only causes it to be a basic pop up and also has a bug that causes the main launching window to say “[object]” on a white background.

So as of IE6 SP1, chromeless windows are no longer supported by any browser. Microbians has no fix, and I am not sure if they will make one, they have no clue how just yet.

I am not for or against using the script, but I am merely just letting you know some info.

Yeah, i’ve noticed myself actually…
didnt know why that was, however…

anyway, i made the site for free for this girl, so i dont have the strength to change it…anyway, it worx for most ppl so use it if ya like, skitzo, but keep in mind what lost have said…always remain hospitable to ALL various kinds of visitors