Does anybody play Starcraft?

I installed this classic on my PC again and found it to still be just as fun as when i first got it. It is better then WC3. Just wondering if anybody else is still playing this wonderful game.:wink:

That’s a game that i never got into.

I have a ton of friends who agree with you - it’s better than the newest. I just dont like those kinds of games much. I guess I am a sports, adventure or FPS kinda guy…

I do love Sim City 4 though!~

I used to play starcraft. I played it last about a month ago and its still as fun as when I first bought it. I have been playing Age of Mythology lately and I think that is a lot better than SC…I didn’t think it was possible to top it…

I have starcraft somewhere… Never really played it tho, kept getting creamed… :chinaman:

ah, I havent played in a while but I was a beast at it :slight_smile:

I was even in “The Official StarCraft Club” and a co-founder/mod at that :beam:

good times, good times. alas, they are gone.

Ill admit that it was, and continues to be, one of the best games Ive ever played.

■■■■. I’m looking for some god partners to play some online games with.

Jubba: my roomate has AOM and it is all he ever does now. I haven’t had the chance to play yet but it does look good.

eilsoe: ya you do get beat up pretty bad when you first start out but soon you get really good it just takes soem practice. Once you have a system down it gets really fun.

senocular: What happend to you man. You used to be cool. No you are old and stuck in the past. You can live those dasy again my brother. Cast off the shackles of lesser games. Install Starcraft and you can ride in glory again[SIZE=1]::said like a TV Church Preacher[/SIZE] Seriously u should install it and have me a game.:wink:

SureShot: The adrenalin rush of playing Starcraft beats any FPS or simcity any day. THe speed and pace of the game is just amazing.

sadly, I got a job - ruins the game playing time ( atleast mine… yet I still find time to post here :sigh: )

The game is still installed though, I just havent played it. I actually spend an entire summer (probably the one after it came out) doing nothing but playing that game almost if not every day. I was one sad sick little boy. Actually I dont think I was much of a boy, that was sometime during college…

anywho, you can play simcity in StarCraft too… as a ums =) And THEY and the map editor played a substantial role in that games success. I dont know what WC3’s is like, but if its anywhere as customizable as sc’s then it must be a treat.

star…craft…OH YEAH, i remember that. me and my buddies would play it constantly on friday and saturday nights till like 3 in the morn. three years later, that doesn’t much happen anymore. boy, i used to love that game, now i have other things to do so i don’t play it as much, or at all anymore.

Hey sintax, I’ll play with you sometimes. I’m not on as often as i once was, but since you mentioned it I’ll probably play a few games again.

I’m dd_x, if you add me and I end up on some time, I’ll be sure to join you.

Yep i play, slowed down but i play wheni am not bussy here sports school or CS. lol which is almost never now, i have WC3 and dont like it. i am undefeted 10-0 w00T! my name is Lo0kAtMe…i think, add me too and i will try to get on. or just ask me here and set a time and place. tonight is not good though…i need to know like a day in advance so i can set my way around lol.

I hated WC3 compared to StarCraft

Has anyone played the map “The Thing” in starcraft? that has to be one of the most innovative maps out there.

And those bums modding Sunken Defence until it’s up to version 231.42489 are annoying. :smiley:
Anyways, that was my two cents.

I will add you both. I admit i don’t pla yas much as i used to but I don’t watch TV anymore so that helps time wise. Between work and a G/F and Free-lancing and tryign to start other business opertunities i need the wolrd of games to escpae to sometimes. If i didn’t take an hour a day to go on and kick some starcraft *** I would go crazy :crazy:

[SIZE=4]FINALLY[/SIZE] somebody who likes StarCraft! This is the best game of all time, much better than warcraft. Sintax, I play on U.S. West here is my handler:


yea. Havent played much recently (last month). We should kick some *** sometime. [SIZE=1] btw, my disconnects- I have dialup. Doesnt happen anymore.[/SIZE]

just fyi Im


on bnet. Im not sure if my profile exists still or not for that name. I used to get a new one each time I got to 1000 wins because it intimidated people lol, but I think that one I kept despite the fact.

If theres players here I can get back into it again (time allowing)… Ill have to install it here at work which has a better connection then that which I have at home.

Have you all seen the bnet experience map?


Umm… I used to play like crazy…

Now I don’t think I have even the cd anymore… It just went through the flow of times… I started playing Counter-Strike and now… Nothing… Well soon to be WC3… It’s still a ■■■■ good game to me though…


We should have a big Kirupa SC battle on a BGH map or something sometime…

*Originally posted by morse *
**We should have a big Kirupa SC battle on a BGH map or something sometime… **

BGH?? gee, I dont think Ive ever played a bgh map before :sigh: I havent played in like a year and I still cringe to hear it lol


Not big GAY hunters…

The stupidest map ever played… UGH…

I hate it… I hate it…

At least make it an 8 player slugfest on Killing Fields… :slight_smile:

Count me in, fellas. I’m the great great son of a Dark Templar and I’m invincible…

Well, no, I suck, really, but I love the game. I haven’t played much on bNet, but I’ve had 4 months of intensive training in Singapore :evil:

Ya BGH is kind of a joke now. I play it when I want a quick game. I like some of the NO Clutter maps. Really fast game with big units. Gets pretty good with a NR20. may handdle is the smae as here “sintax321”. Actually I think I have that name every where. I have to play on US EAST thats where they stick me. I should get some good playing time in this weekend. I’ll add you guys and see if you are around.