WarCraft 3/and or StarCraft Tourny!

you guys wanna get together and do a WarCraft3/SC Tourny on Battle.net? let me know and we can set it up.


I’d love a round of Carmageddon TDR2000 on battle.net if they had it :slight_smile:

Pretty much the only game on my PC except for Myst3…

lol. i would too (even though i never heard of it, but i would play it!)

I have a SC cd somewhere lying around…

Dunno where… not that I would play against anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck at RTS games… :slight_smile:

(and I mean REALLY suck…)

Hey how about Homeworld??

Is that on battle.net?

Hey Mike,
I’d be more than glad to play a few War3 games. I and a friend, NaliWarCowZ, usually War3 at least a few games each day (we are far from good :stuck_out_tongue: ), but we might play a few matches with you on the weekends or sometime just for fun.

Kirupa :cool:

Only games on battle.net are diablo 1 & 2, SC, and WC 2 & 3. Battle.net is owned by blizzard, and those are the only games blizzard makes (except for like WC 1, but i think it was too old for even the 28.8k’ers :).


totaly, i am not all that great with it either, i am more of a SC guy. but i like WC3 more, i am just not as good!

what are your WC3/SC battle.net names?

my WC3 name is:


and my SC name is:



Hey Mike,
I use multiple accounts when I try out different strats, subvert the system, or torture newbies worse than I =)




http://www.battle.net/war3/ladder/war3-player-profile.aspx?PlayerName=bombaykid&Gateway=Azeroth (first account)

Pretty sad ehh? :slight_smile:

Kirupa :bandit:

hey cool!!

Yea im up for a game of War3, even though i suck =) its fun =)

We’ll have to play a game or two =)

Yeah, we shall! Usually, on the weekends, if you see me on, we can play W3. My AOL SN is: kirupacom

If anyone ever wants to laugh at me, IM me and we can play a few =)

Kirupa =)

[SIZE=14]SC forever!!![/SIZE]

S C 4 L I F E


actually, when I was good I was good with all three races. I loved it in Brood War when we had a no attack rule for 20-30 minutes I would use the dark templar to steal a drone, or SCV and then I would begin to build with two races…oh so much fun…massive attacks…I miss that game…its been so long since I’ve played…but I have too much work to do nwo to get dragged back in to the addicting world of SC…

I’m a Protoss, all the way. See, for the other races, I have the feeling that there is a gap that I can’t overcome. Let me explain:[list][]The Zergs: I hate them. They’re ugly. But the biggest problem is that I can never get past the 30 hydra mode. Once you’ve started making those, I find it very difficult to switch to something else. Anything flying is extremely expensive (mutalisk suck unless they’re upgraded 3 times, and gardians need devorers, otherwise they’re too easy to destroy).[]The Terrans: I hate them. They’re small and weak. They have all sorts of very cool features, like blinding, EMP and ghosts and everything, but they are just too weak in the middle of the game, until you decide to go bc bc bc or use ghosts. Tanks don’t get you anywhere, Firebat medics are cool, but they they definitely have a problem with invisibility[*]The Protoss: I love them. Powerful and expensive, like a Ferrari. The high Templar is definitely the most amazing unit. So weak yet so leathal… The thing is that the base units are strong enough to defend anything, and the advanced ones are just perfect.[/list]pom :asian:

To finish with the gap thing:

Zergs: Hydra -> anything gap
Terrans: Marine-Medic+tanks -> anything gap
Toss: No gap!!

:-\ Not very convincing, is it?


now wanna do that for WarCraft3