Does anyone know how to

hi… does anyone know how to do what 2advanced studios does on their hp… a lot of other sites do it too… but thats the one that popped into my head.,.

the outlining of each box of a checkered background…

im not sure if im explaining it well… so please visit the site…


is it just the masking effect??

If you are talking about on their enter page, that is done in photoshop, it is a simple pattern that is repeated oever and over and made to looks faded into the image.

If that isn’t what your talking about, can you please tell me which part, 'cause there are a lot of effects used on this site. :slight_smile:

in the accolades and contact page… theres this opaque checkered thing on the edges… and when it shines like theres a moving light source…
how is that done?


Oh yeah, thats just masking with gradients. They pattern is more advaned, but the concept is pretty basic. Try and find tutorials on how to make gradients in flash, then you can use maybe a silver and white gradient square to create a shimmer, then tween it to move the direction you want your shimmer, then mask it under your object.

I hope this helps, I am in a rush so I couldn’t explain in more detail, sorry.

yea i was pretty sure that it was the masking effect…

what do you mean by the gradient?

and whats the easiest way to maek these squares?

thanks again…

havent had my computer in a while… my days are getting pretty boring?? any cool falsh sites besides the o nes posted on this site that you know of?

a gradient is a fill that transitions between between one color and another. You can create them either as liniar, or radial.

for a couple of examples of each, look to the bottem of the color picker when you’re choosing your color for a fill. The last row has 5 or 6 preset gradients.

You can also create your own gradients using the fill, and mixer panels.

once you’ve got a gradient in the ‘fill’ swatch, just select the rectangle creation tool and drag and draw, to make the squares of fill.

the 2advanced is a nice site if you need color help visit