Little Photoshop Help

Hello my loves :beam:
Anywho, need a little help here… if you goto: in their banner at the top with the Counter-Strike guys youll see a grid that gets faded out at all sides… I have the grid but how do archieve making that fadeout effect? Thanks!

the easiest way i know to do is grab the eraser tool and use a really big size of the soft brush and then just erase around it… but its hard to explain how i do it… the easier way would be grab the rectangular marquee tool and select the grid area with it, then go selection>>feather then enter how big you want to feather it. After that just hit CTRL SHIFT I to invert your selection and hit delete a time or two.

Ahh, thanks a lot :]

no problem, did it work out alright?

you could use a layer mask

the best way to do that would be to make a mask layer then use a radial gradient…set to black and white.

I’ve never used layer mask
Are they really that much easier? I seem to pull off everything i need with just selections and brushes…
If you guys use them… are they really that helpful?

I use them all the time and they are very easy and helpful

one of the great things about layer masks is that you can edit them once you’ve created them. Not only does this mean that if you make a mistake you can change it, but also if you decide to change the design or placement of stuff, you can just edit your mask

they’re much better than just erasing stuff IMO :slight_smile:

used a radial b&w gradient on the Layer>Add Layer Mask named ‘grid’

cool… ill have to try that out