Does this make a movie slow down?

Do you lose quality or processor speed when you load the movie to be played into a parent movie? Like, if the child movie is very processor-demanding would you lose quality just because it is not a single SWF, but an SWF calling another SWF into itself?

Because I have tried this out and the child movie seems to be choppier than when I run it by itself. Also, kind’ve off the subject, why does flash not detect the same fonts Photoshop does? Is there any way to control what fonts Flash sees?

Thanks you guys! I’m a lurker here but I knew this would be the right place to ask about technical flash stuff.

your child movie might be set at a different fps than the parent. in that case, it will take the fps of the parent and apply it to the child movie.

i’ve had the same problem w/some fonts and i haven’t come up w/a solution yet.