Doing my part to stop the nudity

Like my shirt?

Get yours at

OMG haha thats my design!! you rock!!

lol… that’s sweet.

That is nice =)

The shirt is really nice, but the person wearing it even more…lol, and sorry vts…!

(the shirt IS really nice though… :slight_smile: )

Oh, and here’s a very nice site, reminding me of yours:

Navigation = move the lil’ guy onto the target next to one of the white things, then click on the white thing…

Hey eyezberg,
The site looks simply fantastic! Have you ever considered submitting it for SOTW or something? The pixelart is great.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

A big thanks to Edwin for the shirt - I really love it! I don’t know what it means for everyone else - but to me the woman is a rockstar and she’s got music on her mind. This will be my official shirt to wear to shows.

Also eyez - wow, that site was awesome. I don’t think my site is even close to that good. Should definitely be a candidate for SOTW. Sweet, I’m going to go play with it now.

Personaly I think that Reni should STOP trying to stop nudity… Why on earth would you want to stop that? :wink:

but nudity by definition is experienced in art. It should never be stiffled. But you’re correct. She is quite pretty in cloths. Especially clothed in Edwin’s art. What she’s stopping in that case is nakedness, not nudity.

course I’m just splitting hairs… being stubornly silly as it were.

of course what someone has to do now is post a picture of the statue “David” with a clever mock up of Reni’s shirt. :wink:

Look, we’ve all seen your Flashing photo, the last thing we need is any expansions on this theme. :slight_smile:

Hee hee!

Well all things considered I think I had a valid point - we all know what the statue of David is like, and when you think about <i>that</i> particular photo, I hate to think where it could end up! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have now displayed a picture of myself in my website design, so no doubt you’ve all had a good chortle over that one. :slight_smile: No fig leaves involved, thankfully…

I don’t really know what Threadless means by their slogan - “Stop the Nudity.” Just supporting Edwin’s art and all and I really did like the design when he showed it to me way back before he won!

Edwin - shed some light about this and how come you don’t post much anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh just ignore my peanut gallery comments. It’s not anyone’s fault that they have mistated their slogan by using the word nudity rather than nakedness. So few know the difference between the two words anyway.

As for me, and my shot… I assure you I will not be producing another one like it, or expanding upon the concept at all. That was a one time deal.

haha me dunno renigirl :slight_smile: as far as me not posting. i try to. just kinda busy with school and work. i sorry :frowning:

I will not comment on Reni’s pic, because she may think me a stalker, which I am not. As many artists on this board (I, perhaps an artist without talent), I have a deep appreciation for many things in nature. Lovely art. Sincerely. The T-shirt was awesome as well, and I mean that with full respect on both comments.

Kit, c’mon…you can’t post something with Gaussian Blur 4.5 and say that you posted a picture of yourself hehehehehe Trust me, I was tempted to keep doing “Blur More” on mine and then figured… what the heck!


lol… heck I haven’t even seen the blurred one.

as for stalker… I’m not sure if saying that I think Reni is a hot tomalli marks me as a stalker or not… but I’ll admit that I think she does.

We have a lot of cuties on this site; female and male… there’s nothing wrong with that.

but hey… I thought she was cute on a cartoon body too. :wink:

reni is my stalker, right reni :wink: . shes already wearing my shirts…what next!?..we cna only imagine <cue scary music>