Doom 3 minimum specs released (Page 3)

Yesterday, id announced that a master copy of their long-awaited game has finally been sent to Activision for mass production, this coming after years of anticipation. The release date is listed at August 3, but probably won’t be on shelves till the 5th.

Now today, id announced that they are already working on a demo of the game, which will be released sometime after the official release of the full game.

Just as the first Doom revolutionized the video gaming experience, so will the third installment, featuring the best graphics in any game currently available as well as the return of the beloved experience from the first and second game. Audio will be equally good as the game allows owners of 2-channel sound cards to experience surround sound.

The retail price of the game when released is going to be $54.99, but I’d wait and try the demo before shelling out $55 so you’ll know how well the game performs on your system.

They recommend a GeForceFX, I have a GeForce4 Ti, the card right under the FX series :-/

Yea, It’s defintily going to get my attention, simply because of the dev time. But I’m honestly not THAT hyped about it. But I’m confident it will be cool. I’m not the biggest “run and gun” gamer, but I hear doom is more of a survival horror shooter now… :smiley: With one of the better next-gen engines to boot.

I’ll probobly end up in a mod sooner or later aswell. (2d art, webdesign, storyboarding)

There are more screenshots and trailers at

For some reason, I don’t like playing games unless all of the details are set on max and with the highest resolution. So, I’ll probably wait out on Doom until I eventually get a better system that is capable of handling the latest PCI-express based graphics cards.

Doom 3 looks extremely nice. The detail makes the characters seem lifelike. I can’t wait to see other, non-scary games based on the new Doom engine to come out in a few years :bad:


Kirupa, What Graphics card you got?

Radeon 9800 pro 128 Mb is good for the money, it’s what i’ve got.

Guys Guys Guys…
You don’t realize what the beauty of Doom3 engine is…

It’ll run beautifuly on like almost any graphic card. When I played it, I have a NVIDIA GeForce MX 440… Like 200$ card, and it ran so smoothly and amazingly. Don’t worry if you don’t have the best, thats whats so amazing about it!

I’m gettin a new computer next week so I’m prepared :bad:

Grinch, have you played the alpha 2? It looks a little dull on a GeForce MX. I’d know, because I upgraded from one to my current GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. There is such a noticable difference in Direct X 9 support than on an MX. I’d definitily reccomend checking it out at a friends house.

Thats what I did, and then at mine. The alpha was running great on my comp. Crystal clear graphics, amazing stuff. I also first played it on a Radeon 9600 and yeah, theres a difference. But ya know what I’m saying, just don’t have to worry too much on your card not being good enough, it still looks awsome!

There’s also native linux binaries as well, which rules :smiley: Maybe now ATi will actually bother delivering some decent gfx drivers for linux…

HA… The GeForce… Come on those cards are outdated…Radeon is always one step up from GeForce. as example the X800 :slight_smile:

yeah… they ARE outdated. and so is my system. :{

I have a 9600 Pro, and I bought it only a week or so ago :stuck_out_tongue: The reason I bought the 9600 was so that I wouldn’t feel bad having to get a much better graphics card/system a few months down the road instead. I really the latest top-of-the-line cards from nvidia and ati.

I got what I paid for man. I don’t have a couple hundred dollars to whip up and buy a Radeon…

HA… The GeForce… Come on those cards are outdated…Radeon is always one step up from GeForce. as example the X800

The GeForce is outdated? The 6800 right up there with the X800 my friend. I’m not bashing ATi or anything. I’m just saying Nvidia looks just as good. All the reviews either favor the X800 or the 6800 by a very very slight margin. Most reviews say they are equivalent.

id recommends a highend GeForce card to play Doom 3 :wink:

6800 also is the only card with Pixel Shader 3.0 :smiley:

The min specs for the game just came out:

I’m sorry but it isn’t… X800 is the fastest thing out there… And totally woops all graphics ars.

…T-O, sorry man, but the 6800 ultra kicks some major *** aswell. Max PC (basically the best computer magazine for people who actually understand computers), said that the 6800 Ultra is actually the better performing card over the X800 XT. The drawback is that it needs a lot of power (draws power from the AGP port, aswell as a power supply hook-up), so they said the better value would be the x800 XT. Personally, I’d probobly get an X800, but there is no doubt that the 6800 is freaking awesome. I personally just don’t want to buy a new power supply, so I’d pick up an X800. Read up on the cards man.

hehe, for you skeptics, the Nvidia 6800 outperformed the ATI X800 in Doom 3 :wink:

Nvidia on top, once again.