Downloads available, and some Help please

Hi folks, I’ve put a lil’ s’thing online with lots of flas to download!
Please, as you do download, test all the little links,like ‘legal’;
‘survey’ ; the menu and so on, and let me know if anything doesn’t work,ok?
The submit of the survey doesn’t work yet, so don’t bother :wink:
What I’d really like to know is why that frickin’ LEGAL -text (its in a clip, the clip is NOT resized) doesn’t take all the width of its box?!! (button down right to open)
Thanks for any help…

Hello eyezburg. I already went to your site and downloaded a menu! Its great!

Thank you 2 :slight_smile:


nevermind I found it…nice look…it pissed me off when i put all the downloads in my cart then i clicked on a menu button instead of bothering to look at that pop-up oh well it was fun lol!

Hey eyezberg,
The site looks really nice. The worm that followed the mouse pointer around was great; I saw how to create that on Flashkit, I believe, really cool! Besides the fact that I don’t speak English, the site was great lol.


Sorry folks, i indeed forgot the link:…NLOAD.html

so i believe some of you didn’t even get a look at what i actually needed tested…kir’, i guess you meant to say you don’t speak FRENCH?! lol, but the us-version is “under construction” (remember those yellow and black gifs…).
The ‘worm’-thingy is called sluggy, and i can’t remember either where it’s from…dan, thanks for pointing out that i should make the warning pop-up REALLY big so it doesn’t get overlooked…what about the stupid “legal” text, WHY doesn’t it take all the space available in the text box (to the right)? Any ideas?
Thanks for the comments…and the main site design is temporary, as I’m getting into PHP and intend to improve on the design by inserting the nav and content into frames and maybe use the chromeless win…
Gracias, Merci so far…

I have no clue why the legal text would do that unless you didn’t extend the text box within the clip!

Me neither, coz I DID!? And the clip is NOT resized…weird…