Driving me nuts: bandwidth profiler

I really don’t get this. I thought the bandwidth profiler was to simulate your movie/website/project under internet circumstances, but while all your scripts still work?

This is my first project in Flash 8, so I don’t know if anything changed? Probably not. But here goes:

I have a simple movie:
Frame one:

var videoInterval = setInterval(videoStatus,100);
var amountLoaded:Number;
function videoStatus() {
amountLoaded = getBytesLoaded() / getBytesTotal();
if(amountLoaded == 1){

Frame two: a picture

When I run my movie the first time, it stops at frame 1, which I suspected. But when I do another ctrl+enter, and use the bandwidth profiler, it just loads on frame one first, and jumps to frame two. WHY???

My goal was to let my preloader do some stuff first, before jumping to the next frame, but this way, I have no way of testing that with the bandwidth profiler, do I? It just jumps to the next frame when it’s ready loading, regardless whether I put a stop(); on the first frame :sigh:

I hope someone has an explanation?

I now put a _root.gotoAndPlay(1); within my if(amountLoaded==1), and that seems to work nicely. But I have an new ‘problem’ now:

I dynamically change the with of a movieclip using mc_loader._width, and made a motion tween with some blur and alpha. But after using that _width-property, the tween doesn’t work anymore?