Earth Day

Earth day is today here in Canada. It is getting more awareness every year. I actually got caught in the parade on the way to work this morning. Basically earth day is to create awareness around the effects we as humans, have on the planet.

I am doing my small part, I always take public transit to work, I use a reusable water bottle, I use rechargeable batteries for my ipod (as soon as I can find a solar panel backpack that is). I turn off my computer when I leave work.

I also do all the normal personal home things like insulate, conserve, compost, recycle, use reusable shopping bags, etc etc. I am saving for a solar panel system that I can put in the backyard of the house I am going to buy this year.

I also wear my “global warning” Awareness t-shirt on days like this. small thing, but people read it on the subway and at work, maybe it’ll have an effect.

so what do you do? do you care? do you agree? are you even aware?