Edit Centers

I forgot where the edit center option is :smirk:

somebody help me…:stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t one, I think. But Kirupa wrote something about that problem in the tutorial section.

pom :cowboy:

Can’t you just select an object, use the Transform tool on it, then move the centre of the object with that?

Or did I misunderstand the question?

No, it’s not there anymore. U have to go ‘inside’ the symbol and move everything to whereever u want it in relation to the center point. A shame that nice features of past versions are not there.


I’m pretty sure it is there, as I’ve just done it!

I clicked on the Transform tool in the toolbar (not on the menu). It comes up with the frame and black boxes on the border and corners, and the white circle target in the centre of my object. If I click on that circle, I can move it around and move the centre point. It’s handy for my animations when I want to rotate from a corner…

You do have to be in the original symbol for this, I hasten to add. You can’t to it with an instance on the timeline, but you can in the actual Library item.


Yes that’s there (and very handy it is) but it doesn’t change the registration point of the symbol (which I think hsadan was asking)

U can change the reg point to manually transform a shape, group or symbol but this ‘new’ reg point cann’t be accessed through actionscript (unless u use something like pointX=_x+numOfPixels


yes the transformation tool center does affect the tweening, but doesn’t affect the symbol’s registration point (ie. u have to do it for each tween) - yea, tt’s it i think.
k thx…i remembered reading about changing the symbol’s in the ray of light revisited tutorial, but i couldn’t access the tutorial again for some reason :’( (that was flash 5)

oh um…were u talking about this tutorial? http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/rpoint.asp
cos i don’t think that works too well for my question…

but there WAS an edit center thing in flash 5, rite? :-\

Right! And great it was!