Eilsoe on webcam :D

Java virtual machine:


non virtual machine (html):


does everyone get a grey box?

it works on my dads machine and mine… :-\

I’m just testing it for one of his friends…

it doesn’t work.

BAH. Stupid computer.

theres some blood-thirsty peeps out yonder eh? Wanting some webcam-age? :sure:

Heres a snag of me a few years ago, this might hold you over (dont laugh)

so it is you in your footer!


:stuck_out_tongue: sen you look like the average office guy.

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**Wheres the other 4 eyes Sen;

Im dissapointed as well as conphused; :*(

pj :stuck_out_tongue:
wassup 6 eyes; wheres the other 4…? :bad: **

I … uh… photoshoped them out… :pa: :run: