Electricity - Breaking off a 500 KV line

Watch this, it’s amazing:



wow…that’s intense…

i thought you were supposed to go to italy…

This is how he “spends” his time there ;).

I don’t know what time it is over in Frogland, but I’m leaving the 16th at 3 am and over here in Belgium, it’s still the 15th :sigh:

This is what he “says” there.

Grrrr. Quit that.


This is what he “tells” us.

Lol sorry I’ll stop :P.

this video “is” old as dirt :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we’re witnessing the birth of a new trend here on kirupa…

I’ve never seen it before.

I would crap my drawers if I ever saw that. Electricity is one of my biggest fears.

I hadn’t either. It’s kinda creepy indeed.

wow, I’d like to grill some food there (with a non-metallic stick that is long enough and perfectly isolated)

Teslaciol!!! Command an Concur !!! :slight_smile: Wicked!!

I’d throw nuts and bolts and other metallic objects at it.


ditto :wink: that would be fun… I remember when I threw rocks at some unisolated electrical wires or whatever they were once… they made some pretty cool sound :beer:


didn’t work for me - but I bet i’ve seen in before (it’s in my inbox somewhere)