im sure someone already asked this but… i didnt fint it when i searched

so… how did you achieve the effect in your footer? with the orange spinny thing?! heh i love it. nice.


I made a crecent image in PS then imported it into flash then took that image, turned it into a movieclip which contains an animation of that image motion tweening from large to small with a rotation applied as well.

Then to give it some perspective, I skewed the entire moviecip a bit. I copied that same movieclip and pasted multiple instances of it over and over, each one rotated at a different angle.

That’s basically it. =)

Its awseome EG :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

i cant see it, maybe cos im on a mac…

its really amazing the way it looks, i fail to see how what you just said created that though, maybe you just need some EG magic up in here. :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for explanation, its really cooool :smiley:

nah im on a mac and i can see it… :cowboy:

Did it surprise you how good it looked EG? :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

i enjoy it… :player: