Eminem wins OSCAR! +1 merged thread

crazy. but cool.

yeah… but why wasnt he there?

i know!

lava: Why do you think he wasn’t there? He wasn’t there because he was Eminem!

actually they said on the radio he wont be there cause they wanted him to perform the clean version of his song (loose yourself i guess) and he refused, he wanted to do the dirty version :hair:

I dont like eminem, he is all weird n all. In my opinion

eminem is a really weird person…

Almost as strange as my girlfriend Michael Jackson.

He’s really weird but a **** cool guy in person :wink:

his music is nice :beam:

genius IMO.
White or not, one of the phattest MC’s ever.

I do i like his lyrics the way he talks about his life.
I also love the beasts.

Do you like him if so what do you like about him?

I like him a lot! M&M is sooooo tasty!

I don’t think this is necesary… I think the eminem wins an oscar could best prove your comment buddy :wink:

Fine be like that playamarz:*(

Chill out man… Just trying to help the mods out around here.


dont necessarily like the lyrics, but the beat and the way he raps are more that good i think :slight_smile:

Oh Playamarz i was only joking he he

True story. The building I used to work at was the same one that the BBC filmed TFI Friday and Top Of The Pops in. So every Thursday, we’d get all the pop stars and bands come in, and we’d go check them out rehearsing.

Best moment was when the Stereophonics performed and I pulled in a favour with a security guy, so I could go an meet them. Got their autographs and a kiss from Kelly Jones. :slight_smile:

But Eminem and D12 performed there one time, doing Purple Hills. Naturally we all went and watched that one. I have stood literally 4 feet from Eminem. :slight_smile: Wow. He’s not a majorly tall guy, but he’s got such a presense…

Yeah he does :wink: He’s not tall… But fun to look down at… I mean… I wouldn’t know or anything ':wink:

~ playamarz

He won an oscar for… the 8 Mile soundtrack I suppose… right?
I like some of his songs and lyrics, but the movie 8 Mile really isn’t that good. I was disappointed. Nothing happens in it, I was hoping for something more “special”.