Excessive Math Homework

Ok, someone tell me it isnt just me.

I have roughly 200 problems of math homework tonight. (80-100) on average.

I’m going into High School Freshman Year, does anyone think this is a little excessive. I mean, i already spend 4 hours in there a day! Please tell me i’m not crazy.

depends… what kind of problems are they?

like, two plus two and 3 plus 3 and 200 hundred of them ain’t bad, but like really hard stuff is very unreasonable

example (2x+5)(3x^2+5x+7)

but there are alot of different ones

can you use a calculator?

we arent supposed to but i do

another EX:(-5a^3b)(2b+5ab-b^2+a^3)

yeah, that’s certainly excessive

thanks, makes me feel a little better

I’m going to be a senior in high school and I’ve rarely had that much homework

Ok, phew. So my teacher is an insane slave-driver

I had about that much in high school… Is your school specialized in some area? Mine was a computer science/engineering magnet school, so we tended to get a lot of homework in the math subjects, as well as physics and chemistry, but to a lesser degree. In grade 10, it was more like “recommended” problems though, and I think I was the only person who did them. :stuck_out_tongue:

so i’m guessing all your homework consists of the FOIL method?

It’s good practice anyway.

Just wondering… how exactly do you use a calculator for something like (2x+5)(3x^2+5x+7)? I assume all you’re being asked to do is expand. Is there something else? You’re using a calculator for one-digit multiplication? Doesn’t that take more time than using your head? :wink:

heh - I wouldn’t have done them.

that is definitely excessive, is the teacher planning on going through all 200 of every student’s problems and checking for accuracy?

That is overkill. I’ve never had to do that many in AP Calc in hs! Hifi - you could graph those by putting (x+5)(x^2+3x+7) in your Y= and find out where the line crosses the x axis. Once you have your numbers (the answers), you can always reverse engineer the work. I hope none of my high school teachers ever find this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, my homework is maily FOIL. But thats just tonight. We go through 1 chapter every 2 days.

I didn’t do to well in math :sigh:

having lived in “the real world” for 5 years now. I haven’t used any math that I learned after like 8th grade.

Why they teach some things I don’t know.

Ug. I hated how the teacher managed to trick all the other kids into liking that foil crap. I had it this year too. Your teacher sounds about as cruel as mine during the last week of normal school for us. She assigned the chapter tests in the back of the book for every chapter in one night. (Each test had like 30 problems, 13 chapters in the book)

I’m going into my freshman year too. Yay…

Thats pretty exceesive and teachers have to also be reasonable because giving too many questions can be not beneficial for the student. My teacher seemed to be really strict at first but later in the term he started to feel the right needs since half of the class were new. He gives us about 20 questions on average and thats pretty reasonable for me and the class. Hes a good teacher and explains the topic throughly in class before any work is started. For example, Trig Functions of 20 questions would be reasonable whereas if 200 questions of trinominals would be resoanble and not of calculus. Could someone explain to me why some topics are done but are not even needed?

I’m going into High School Freshman Year

what Grade are you in?