Externally loading a .mov into a .swf

I am trying to load a .mov file externally into a .swf file, i can do it with a .jpg with load movie and as long as the file name stays the same it will load in any pic with that file name. I need to be able to do this with a movie file. So flash can just pick it up from a folder and dump it into a clip, regardless of wether the actuall movie is different, they will all be the same length in time and same size width and height wise. I was told attach movie will work, but that only attachs movies within a library, not from an external folder. Can this be done with flash.

I would make the Mov movies into swfs then use the load movie, it will make the file sizes much smaller to, you can use a conversion tool like Swideo at Http://www.swideo.com

Thanks for your info, i will give it a try.

MOV to SWF :nerd: