Eyescloser! Check it!

Yo! Guys!\rI would like to submit my first web site…\rCheck it and send any replies or comments \rWill wait your answers!!!\r>>> www.eyescloser.com <<<

I read this thinking, “First website, eh? Well, that’s gonna suck.” but @#%$ that’s good! That’s defeinately one of the better sites I’ve ever seen.\r\rThe only thing I’d change is that there should be a way to skip the into - I wouldn’t want to watch that every time I visited the site.\r\rAnd some aspects are maybe a bit too bluntly ripped off of 2 Advanced…

Those are some of the sweetest graphics I’ve seen!!! First site…please…you’ve got to be kidding me…What programs do you use?

that site rocks

Are you freakin kiddin’ me ? (Max Payne, anyone ??). Great graphics, great design, great navigation, great transition, absolutely great !! You know, your site reminded me of 2advanced studios. Not the worse one might think of…\rpom 0]

I liked the site, I couldnt get V2 to load so I bailed on it, but pretty neat site.\r\rIMO: that layout and the way that site looks and feels, seems to be the norm these days.

Yep, that’s a good one! Nice use of the menu in “design”, saw that on flashkit…Really nice design, even if i prefer weirder stuff…this vector graphics stuff is not my favorite.

hmmm, I can’t seem to agree to what you’re all saying. I like the fact that it mimics 2advanced.com, but lacks originality. Most of todays webdesigners dont know why they’re doing what anymore. For example what on earth are those so called “sweet” graphics? What purpose do they serve? Why are they cool? It looks like random effects applied to a distorted image with photoshop, not to impressive in my book.\r\rAnd what irritates me the most is all these flash sites with flashing $hit and techno music; what are they trying to do, give a man a fricken seizure? I say stick to user friendly interfaces with low file sizes instead of vibrating disco, techno “dramatic” dog****.\r