Regarding I post I made the other day, this was your reply verbatim:

“Book: Flash Site workshop, published by Sams, but if i remember correctly, the shopping cart is not finished…Source files are on cd with the book”.

Can I ask you, what do you mean the shopping cart may not be finished yet? Could you clarify that for me please? Thanks man.

Deep Cover

Well, they show you how to create the store and cart system, using mysql, xml and asp, but not how to integrate the whole thing with a secure check-out process, i never used their system (coz i don’t know anything about asp), just parts of it to build this: eyezberg.free.fr/download…NLOAD.html
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I’m currently re-reading the book upuaut mentionned, apparently it builds something similar…
Site workshop is quite expensive, i might be able to provide the source files, if that is legal?!

I think as long as you rewrite it yourself, it’s legal to post the source. Change as many variable names as possible… :slight_smile:

Hey Eyez, that’s quite impressive. Will you show us the sources ? Please !!! :smiley:

pom 0]

Thanks for the reply eyezberg.

After reviewing server-side Flash, and after reading the synopsis for The Flash Workshop, I opted to take a different route: Cold Fusion MX.

As I have recently learned, Cold Fusion MX is what’s happening…less coding, easy to use, yet robust and powerful for all web applications and services.

Moreover, the book The Flash Workshop requires you to have a certain operating system to work with shopping cart codes…that’s terrible business…and asp is oldfangled and not up to speed with certain technologies…

In short, my opinion to anyone who wants to build a dynamic, secure, and powerful e-commerce site, get up with Flash MX and Cold Fusion MX.

Once again, thank you all for the replies…