Fashion animation

Fashion Animation ‘Staircase’

Cool blending and masks… the ezine mixes fashion photography in flash instead of plain stills… nice match with the music and photos.

Also worth checking out is this more sexy one (warning; contains some nudity!):

It’s not really that great… anyone can move a bunch of rectangles around :slight_smile:

Whole lotta masking goin on! Good photography but pace was too slow for me.

Real amatuer movement and tweens. Not even using easing…Not too sure what is kool about it

I liked the naked one the best. Didnt pay any attention to any effects or tweens, eyes were focused on naked chicks…


i almost fell asleep

bit slow for my taste

wow that animation made beautiful women boring…:wink:

Yeah it’s on the slow side but I think it’s the trade off of actually giving some time to show the photography instead of cutting it in MTV pace. I like it and don’t consider it amateur at all, it’s subtle and stylish. the effect at the start and middle is beautiful too.


. . . . i agree

I would have to agree.

Designing a website that is about fine art or photography is difficult because the site needs to be about the art and not the effects. As far as flash goes it wasn’t anything great but if served its purpose because it did get some good transitions between images and didn’t distract from the purpose of the site.

That is why designer sites will always be the best because the people coming to see the sites are looking for cool effects so your imagination is the only road block.

Sorry to tell you that if you dont have flash 8 the user does not see you your “you need flash 8” screen, since you did that screen using the flash 8 player… :bored: :trout: hence I saw something different when viewed on a comp, that had FP7. It looks a little better now, but still is kinda boring.

■■■■, all in the name of fashion, i guess?
btw, what is fashionable about nude women?
it was a bit boring though…

I didn’t make it, good tip about the flash 8 player though… people without flash 8 miss all the blending stuff, which in my opinion made the animation so cool.