AFRICAN Photo Site

any comments or suggestions most appreciated…


Wow… I’m really impressed…

It’s not a really outrageous site, mearly one of the best uses for flash to enhance the mudane javascript picture viewer, into something smooth, beutiful, living, in a word… Flash.
I love it, sir. You’re usage of black and whites pulls a genuine feel of a documentary style, while allowing you to keep files sizes pretty low. I’ll bet those pics load fast on a 56k.
The faded image sliding back and forth to give the viewer a sense that he’s moving around the site, even though it’s all on one page; each of these enhances the accessibility and design genius in your movie.

This is the way it should be done.

Hey crockett,
I too am impressed by this site. The animation is really nice, and the photographs, above all, are magnificent! I am a skeptic of all-Flash sites, but your site is the best that I’ve seen in a good while that simulates good, clean design with the powers of Flash.

Good luck!