Fashionsite C&C

Hi everyone!
Now it´s time for u all to really comment and critique this site.
I´m thinking about som stylish bubbles in the background. To give the site more “life”. Anyone got a good one?
Anyway… seems like the site is running a bit slow. Is it the same way on your machines?

This site is going live on monday the 17:th… so that gives us a couple of days to finish it…

Would be greatful for any comments on navigation, pixels or whatever

Here´s the site!

Yeah, it’s extremely choppy.

the transitions are pretty choppy! other than that it looks nice!

EDIT: oh, and the quotes on the front page are too small, I had to zoom in two times to be able to read them…

anyone know why they are so choppy??

Yeah, and the text are suppose to be small, but if you can´t read them they are way to small… thanks

I liked it but the transitions where alittle “choppy” and the quotes way to small but still like it.

Bra jobbat!

could the framerate cause this kind of problem? Or is the file to heavy?
I think i use 32 frames/s or something like that, heard that 31 i optimal, but doesn´t it run smoother when you have a higher framerate?

oh right! It was a swedish site :smiley:

Väldigt många svenskar här på sistone!

That isn’t frame rate, that’s a heavy file. Maybe post the FLA for some help optimizing it.

yeah i suppose… but when I did the generate size report it says that the size of the exported actionscript is ~200k… is that a lot?, maybe I should consider, importing the actionscript from an .as file instead? Whould that help?

Site looks cool for fashion, as its swedish I wasn’t sure what to do, but I clicked around on the main button, can’t really say much on the naivation side of things.
I am not to keen on the faded border in the contact section though, but it could be just down to personal taste.
Have you manage to change the text since, becuase they still come out quite small on my mamchine.
As for the choppy animation, you might want to find a clever way of doing i.e. maybe look into masking, (I am not to sure how u have scripted your animations).
But overall the site looks good, I am sure once you have manage to find a work around for the choopiness, it will look/feel much better.

I liked it, but noticed that your main preloader for the main swf is not showing until the file is about 70% loaded already. I just had the same problem the other day when I tried to make a preloader for my site.

In your case I was left with a blank grey screen for about 30 seconds with my window saying “page loaded” before anything happened.

I think the problem is your actionscript classes and symbols that you attach dynamically are all exported to frame 1 of the file which means you have to wait until they are all loaded before you can even see the preloader… or so I read somewhere.

check out the “loading complications” section of this tutorial:

I think I got a little bit of the choppiness away after some reconstruction. Looks better on my own machine at least… Having second thoughts about the colors again… anyone got an idea on how to improve?

Trying to make this preloading thing work, but it´s hard…

Hi, I would like to know how did you match the pattern in the background of your swf, with th ebackground of the html page. Even if you zoom in the swf the background stays in size to match the pattern.

I am trying to create something like that and haven’t found a solution for that.

Could you please suggest any tutorial, or advice?


CayoHueso: Window Mode: Transparent Windowless.

the site is so well designs, if it ran smoothly it would be great. I also found some of the text hard to read.

i like the look of the site. the photos are great, but it’s still too choppy. If it’s coming out at 200k I don’t think that’s too big. Maybe just keep tinkering with it until you can make it run smoother. Apart from that I thought it was great.

I think it’s pretty good, but why is it so choppy and PC intense?

I think the choppiness comes from serveral “as. tween” running at the same time. It can also be because the full body pictures are transparent png:s and therefore are quite heavy…

Colorwise? Good / Bad… Thinking, lime(even though it´s been totally overused) or blue… or maybe black…

Anyway the site goes live this monday!