New flash rollout testing help

I need your help! This site is an online version of a CD portfolio that will be handed out to potential employers. AKA gotta be perfect. Let me know what you think about it all, good/bad/sucks/change/cool… whatever . thank you who reply your comments are greatly appreciated!

I would try and make the animations a bit smoother. Maybe the framerate is set low? It seems like when the text expands and fades out its really jittery. Same when the navigation loads and lines draw in. It doesn’t look fluid enough to really catch the eye of an employer. The rest of the design is ok, not crazy about green color you are using either. good luck!

i would adjust the frame rate but then i would have to go through the entire movie and lengthen every animation to slow things down correct? is there an easier way?

Well first thing right off the plate:


  1. Sounds don’t go well w/ the site. Pretty generic and don’t seem to match the theme.

  2. Get rid of your transcript.

  3. Motion blur thing seems generic and needs touching up.

  4. Fonts are aliased

  5. Your big grey section headers dissapear into that blue. And it’s also kind of redunant to have it there a second time when it’s already in the header description thingy.


  1. The simple text wiping… although simple is works well.

This to be called a design site needs lots of work, design is generic layout isn’t terrible but doesn’t at all scream design.

the water drop noise is pretty annoying, i suggest getting rid of it. Also there’s too much white space. And I dont like the powerpoint feel i get from the animation. I think the load bar should load from the left side and not the center, you can do this by setting the bar to (0,0) coordinates.

Alright thanks so far, few questions tho… what do you mean by Fonts are aliased? I agree the water drop is redundant i think i might just have it done once in the begining and not come back every time you navigate the menu… ill look into the navbar also… what do you suggest about the animation to lessen the powerpoint feel?

aliased… choppy… pixelated… “bad burger” <— phong reference :wink:

What he means by powerpoint is that it looks like a simple site and generic movement that it could’ve been done in powerpoint.

thanks, i think im gonna have to start from scratch… i already hate it now… sometimes you wonder after youve spent soo long on something why ya did it like that… i hate flash hahah… i got some other ideas, but my parents are bout to kick me outta the house if i dont get a job… you think i should redo, or fix up? what would help this present site out worth, working on?

I would redo if your serious out making a site that says, “hire me, my design rocks”. Flash is a pain in the *** cus it takes a lot of learning and experimenting to make stuff look and animate right, plus be functional…good luck!

project crappy site scratched… overhaul coming… see “do you like these balls” post… im gonna try something different