File compression

I have a question about image files being importaed to Flash MX

I know that if you want to keep a transparent background and so forth that the .png file is the way to to. The only problem is, it looks great in flash but when I view the swf the image is kind of pixilated. I set all the options for high output when exporting but it still makes it look a little “bloby” for lack of a better word.

Any ideas guys? And also - what do format do you guys use for transparent and non transparent?

Right click on the image in your library panel.

Choose Properties…

There should be a checkbox in there for “Allow Smoothing”… uncheck that.

There is also another checkbox that says something about default compression or something, uncheck that and you can set your quality value where the higher the number the higher the quality.

As for format used…

If the image doesn’t have much colors in it, I use .gif either way. Since GIF is for best optimizing images with 256 colors or less. I also use gif for transparent images as many .png images tend to bog down system resources.

I use .jpg file types if the image I am importing uses more than 256 colors, such as a photo, or something with a lot of detail in it.

I use .png if my image has areas of partial transparency. Since .png images allow for grandient like transparency, it can add some nice effects. But this nice effect comes at a price with file size, and if that image moves, it comes with the price of using up system resources if you have too many on the screen (also depending on the size of them too).