Find any bugs?

I think I got all the bugs out.
Please dont submit the contact form as it is set up to be sent to her email. And she is a wacko and may freak out if she gets a ton of weird emails. :lol:

I tried to talk her into a nice pixel font, but she wanted this, so don’t complain about the font :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: link removed because of some little kid who needs to grow up. And I mean kid, because if he were any kind of man, he would have not done this. The client forwarded me the email below.
He’s just jealous anyway because he will never be able to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

anonymous <[email protected]> wrote:[indent]Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:52:33 -0500

Subject: WebSite contact form
To: -------------------

From: anonymous <[email protected]>

Sent By: anonymous
Senders Email: [email protected]

Message Sent: use a pxl font, this font on the site is fukin ***s lol

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