First Flash Site

There’s my first full flash site.

one thing. u need to spell check the text content of ur site. One thing i’ve learnt is that ist always best to get someone else to do this. like i always say “subjectivity is a b**ch”

Luv the layout and color scheme though.

Also u might want to reconsider the color of the “inspirational text” (thats what i call it :slight_smile: ) that u hav in some area’s. There are other colors that black and white. lol

So you finally made one fully!!!


I sure can’t


Its pretty good! I like the rollovers… very thoughtful

Nice work:)

I like the colors…very relaxing and I like how the site functions. I think that your menu doesnt really go with the site, maybe darker green more then gray. Great Stuff! Keep on flashing!