First year Flash class Final project!

hey guys. I need a lil criticsisim on my flash final project… I think im doing pretty good after only 1 year of flash…

only the track listing button works as of yet…

also… there is a main swf loading external swfs… as of now, the home swf is big as hell… about 530KB (mp3s loaded externally)… any tips on reducing the file size? thanks!

EDIT: I haven’t added a preloader to the swf that the container swf loads so your gonna see a blank space in the middle for a while depending on your connection…

check up on it… yeah booy

oh yes, ohyes…gangsta

good song selections

I’m not too wild about the colours used for the main nav buttons. Look abit dull to me.

i don’t like the fonts for the buttongs. but the bg looks friggin sweet! nice glare effect too:)

I hate the busy-ness:(

^ Agreed.
Also the bg only sets over about a little bit over half of the screen. :confused:

^^Agreed twice.
Reduce the shining. Think again about the design of your mp3 player at the bottom of you page. Get rid of the blue borders at least.

Well it is a nice start, but the concepts seem to jump around and lack a consistant them in a sense. Constant looping motions are a no-no, at least with out a way to stop them. The mp3 player does not seem to fit in at all…the chase scene in that back is aaight, but you muted it back by placing the body of text over it. I would remove the girl all together or mix her in a bit more. ALso try making the over all bgrd black. I bet that would pop it out more. Work on the jagged edges as well. It is a nice start and with some massaging it could be pretty tight. Fade the road out too or maybe add some fog and DOF to make the image more dramatic.

what exactly is the track listing button meant to lead to as for me it just hung around like it was loading some external flash bit that hadn’t got a preloader.
other than that whats with the gradient bg but for a general feel all the elements hold together relatively well.

1.- The music player doesn’t fit with the style.
2.- The bills catch up too many attention, distracts.
3.- I can scroll as far as I want and lose the text.
4.- The scroll down triangle isn’t very visible.
5.- Your top text should be bigger.
6.- The menu doesn’t fit.
7.- The menu dissappears when you return from the track listings.
That’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate everybody’s input!

The mp3 player was just something i put together design wise so I can get the functionality working.

Also about the disappearing menu… Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t… The menu is a movie clip within the container swf. When I click a button, it tells home.swf to move forward on the timeline and also tells the menu movie clip to play a fade out sequence. When I click the ‘Go Back’ button, it is supposed to play home.swf’s timeline in reverse as well as the menu movie clip… I’ll post the code when I get on my work station.

Also, what can be done to minimize the file size?

To the poster who suggest I add a fog, I’ve attempted to do so. I can’t quite get the fog animation to loop smoothly with out it jerking, giving the impression that it actually is looping.

I would load movies into empty clips rather than mess with the timeline. That was something I learned real quick. Makes things more modular and easier to edit. I suggested fog for the chase scene, I can think of a few ways to do it. But not enough time to type right now. Or you can at least fade the street out at the end of the horizon.

Also try popping some of the elements outside of the frame. make it like the scene is busting out at you. and add some very very slight glint and sparkles to the animation. Slight as in barely noticeable and spaced apart in sequence.

I DO have movies loaded into empty movie clips…

The menu is sitting in the main timeline which calls the external swf’s to load into the empty container clip.

I appreciate your input. thanks!